Stage Decks

The perfect modular stage deck system for stages, fashion show catwalks, tribunes and conference podiums.

Eurotruss is proud to launch the upgraded Eurotruss Decks. Important to know is that the upgraded new standard Deck Serie is 100% compatible with the existing Eurotruss Decks.

This model combines strength and durability. With its weight of only 16kg/m2 (3,2 lbs/sqft) it is one of the lightest and strongest decks in the industry. Guaranteed load capacity of 750 kg/m2 on a 2x1m Deck and 150 lbs/sqft on a 8x4ft Deck.

A special long centered steel profile ensures full stability and a 45% less deflection. Eurotruss offers a wide range of Black Hexa (anti skid) and Standard Black Plywood in the sizes 2,00m / 2,07m / 2,44m (8ft).

The Eurotruss Deck is characterized by its light weight, modularity, quality and its fair price.
An extensive range of multi purpose stage decks – a lot of value for your money !

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