PR-15 24×15

The PR15 Roof consist of a TTS Ground Support on six TD50 Towers and a Roof Structure of special tent profi les with integrated keder profi les and is the big brother of the PR10. Same in design and concept but delivering more clearance (add 2m / 6,6ft in height) and app 50% more load capacity than the PR10.

The PR15 Roof is a tower based structure with a pitched roof. This pitched roof has a standard cantilever and a special PA frame at the sleeve blocks of the front towers which can carry a PA Load of 2.000 kg (4.400 lbs) each and is a working platform to slide in the outer keder canopy. This is a result of the fact that the towers are positioned under the roof structure in order to have a fully closed roof top.

The PR15 is designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure the possibility of re-scaling in the width with 4m (~13 ft) and 3m (`10ft) in depth and 2,5m (~8,2 ft) in height all without adding any new material. The only pitch roof which can be rebuild in various sizes.

PA Wings, Side Houses, Back Storage and Loading Docks are available as an option. Ask for the details of the integrated scaffolding stage and decks.

Technische Daten

24x15 m. / 80x50 ft.
QTE (Towers)
Main Rig
Roof Stucture
Keder profile / PVC Canopy
PA Wing possible
Max. Load PA Wing
2.000 kg. / 4400 lbs.
24,2 m. / 79,4 ft.
13,0 m. / 42,7 ft.
14,4 m. / 47,2 ft.
Max. CPL
27.600 kg. / 60.847 lbs.
Max. UDL
32.000 kg. / 70.548 lbs.

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