HD/FD34 Tower

The ground support tower HD/FD34 makes for an excellent vertical truss that allows the safe, quick lifting of regularly loaded horizontal truss constructions (riggs) and small to medium-sized platform roofs to their service height. The straight elements of the tower consist of HD/FD34 Standard Truss, allowing a variety of combinations. This system is compatible with the type HD/FD34 Basement (Touring, Professional and Small Base), Hinge Section, Sleeve block and Top Section.

In terms of statics, ground support towers, indoor applications, are exposed to negligible flexural strain but primarily to pressure strain.

In outdoor use, on the other hand, the tower is exposed to very high flexural strain due to the coverings or roof.


  • Manual & Electric hoist top parts available
  • Sleeve block available for XD & FD/HD34/44
  • Available with 3 types of bases: heavy duty steel base, Professional base and a touring base (both made out of aluminium)
  • Up to 10 meters (33 ft.)


Top section & Sleeve Blocks

FD34 Top Sections are available for manual or electrical chain hoists (Recommendation: always use a safety cable (between top section and sleeve block) FD34 Sleeves are available with various attachments and suitable for several truss types, strong and safe with perfect chosen dimensions to combine standard truss elements.

Hinge set

A strong, safe and cost effective solution to erect the HD/FD34 Tower. The hinge sets are 100mm long. Those half connectors with a hinge fork allow a very high vertical load.

4 Hinge sets (2 left and 2 right) are required per tower.

Base section

FD34 Touring base is identical to the professional base but with integrated short outriggers (4 per Touring Base). FD34 Steel base on wheels available with short outriggers or long outriggers in combination with stabilizer bars.

Outriggers & Accessories

The outriggers are available in short outriggers and long outriggers in combination with stabilizer bars and it depends on the purpose when which to use. At Outdoor Ground Supports, Roofs, Bridges or High Indoor Ground Supports the usage of long outriggers are to be advised.

Next to the standard parts Eurotruss supply additional accessories, which can be demanded for different usage. For stability Eurotruss carries three different outriggers. To obtain more stability in the rig, bold on cornerbraces are available.

Technische Daten

Max. Height
10 m. (33 ft)
Max. Loading
1000 kg. (2200 lbs)
Tower Truss
Sleeve Block

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